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Brittney's sweetness & favorite things  
So many cherished memories, of course not as many as we would have thought had Brittney lived a full life.  

Brittney loved animals - this truly was her passion.  When watching any movie where she felt they may be hurting an animal she would find it unbearable to watch.  Unlike when watching a movie where humans were being hurt - she found this easier to deal with.  We once had a Lhasa Apso named "Teka", Brittney was very young and even though Teka growled more then once - Brittney would be seen hugging and kissing her constantly.  We have pictures that Brittney took of our two dogs "Snoopy" and "Mickey", both of these sweet animals would do anything for Brittney.  She dressed them up in ridiculous costumes and made them pose for her, we found these pictures after Brittney died they exhibited her love and sweetness.  Any animal brought out her beautiful smile, especially the homely ones that nobody would give a second look at!  I hope that Brittney gets to play with alot of animals in heaven.

Brittney also was truly touched by those who were handicapped.  Brittney's Uncle Virgil was in an accident in 1989, the year she was born and she was raised with a quadriplegic Uncle.  She loved her Uncle and he passed away several years ago.  We miss him and hope that they are reunited.  Brittney talked about a friend at school in Junior High who had Downs Syndrome, she thought she was very cute and they enjoyed numerous hugs.  When dealing with people who had impediments her tender heart illuminated with kindness.

Brittney enjoyed movies alot, and it wasn't unlike her to watch the same movie over and over again if she loved it.  The movie "Notebook" was perhaps her favorite and if I guessed I'd say she watched it close to 10 times.  No movie would ever be good enough if there wasn't popcorn in the house.  The smell of popcorn was a daily occurrence at our home and she could easily polish off a full bag by herself.  After she died, we cooked popcorn one day and my son Tyler commented that it was obvious that the smell of popcorn which reminds us of Brittney will always exist in our home.  She also enjoyed other movies such as Legally Blond, The Last Dance, Titanic, Eight Mile, Moulin Rouge, American Beauty, Chicago and the list goes on and on.  Her favorite t.v. show was "Fullhouse" she adored this show for many years and then "Friends".  Other loved t.v. shows were "America's Next Top Model", "Seventh Heaven" and "American/Canadian Idol".

She loved music just as passionately as movies and would share in a "howling dog" voice in the car her version of many songs.  She always declared that the only one who ever heard her "real" voice was her best friend Lauren.  I wasn't sure if I believed this - but found it amusing.  Much Music was usually blasting on our TV as she enjoyed her tunes.

Those who knew Brittney, were aware of her love for swimming, hot tubs and tanning.  More then once she would drag a friend into the pool or hot tub at Talisman.  There were never enough bikini's to make her happy!  In March/06, after she begged me I bought her very last one - it was a "Billabong".  It was black, skimpy - with silver writing on the bum and definitely the tiniest bikini I have ever seen on a 16 year old!  She tried it on and came out beaming, anyone who witnessed this felt charmed by her magic.  How could I resist after seeing what beauty beheld me?  Sadly, I only saw her in it once - but that was enough to last in my memory forever.

The last 6 months of Brittney's life was when she flourished around with friends.  There was never enough time for that and it was never enough to really make her happy.  On New Year's eve of 2006 my beautiful daughter stayed home alone.  Brittney was very shy and sensitive and after being an elite athlete for many years found the world of socialization a little overwhelming.  

Highlights of Brittney's athletic pursuits  
Brittney took figure skating and ballet at a very young age.  She was elegant and well suited to the "dance" sport.  Most likely she would have stayed with figure skating where she exhibited promise, however she was introduced to rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 7 and took to this sport like a duck to water.  Brittney travelled extensively since the age of 8 to numerous countries to compete as a rhythmic gymnast.  She was very talented and a natural in this sport.  By the age of 16 she had gone to Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Portugal, Japan, US.  She was extremely passionate about her sport until she reached the age of 15.  When she turned 16 she returned to gymnastics with less enthusiasm, but still exhibited alot of talent.  For half of her life she trained numerous hours a day, and her weekly training time at its peak was approximately 22 hours/week.  This was a very difficult sport as it takes unique skills those of which she was lucky enough to have.  It is also a rather isolated sport, with less notoriety in North America then other sports such as figure skating and artistic gymnastics.  She won numerous titles and was on the National/International scene as a member of the Junior and Senior National Team for several years.  She trained all those years under the same coach, Olga Khabarova at the Talisman Sports Centre, Calgary, Alberta.
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